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Action Reel


Our training is specifically designed for functionality, health, fitness and body composition goals. No two days are the same however our programming is specifically crafted to tailor to all abilities and individual goals. We have a number of different classes to choose from. There are two different areas; Gym floor and studio. On the gym floor you can expect functional strength and conditioning classes run by our elite coaches. The Studio offers a different experience with spin and pilates inspired workouts that will leave you sweaty and feeling amazing. We recommend training a minimum of 3 workouts a week, for optimal results we recommend 4-5 sessions a week with 1-2 rest and recovery days.

We provide a kids corner in the main gym floor which is a secure and safe area that is unsupervised by staff, this is free to use and the responsibility of the parent to still ensure appropriate supervision. We do not recommend leaving your child in here unsupervised while attending a session in the studio room.

Book in for your first class through our website or app and arrive 10-15 mins early to ensure you have enough time to explore the facility. Please make yourself known to the team and we will help show you around the facility. You can wait in the reception area until a team member greets you.

Bring your water bottle, towel and a can do attitude.

It’s normal to be anxious before starting at a new gym. If you would like to come in and explore the facility prior to your first session you can either book an explore session or send us a message and we will make sure someone is available to show you around.

We understand sometimes things arise and you can not make it to class so please cancel at your earliest opportunity to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend class.. A trend in late cancellations may result in a possible suspension of your membership.

There is ample parking on site however if the car park is full there is street parking available. We promote our members carpooling to ensure we have enough ample parking for everyone.